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Maverick Rentals

Maverick offers construction rental equipment. Please contact for further information about renting of equipment

Rental Equipment

Equipment Photos

Rental Policies

1.) Rental rates are for 8-hour days, 40-hour weeks, and 172-hour months (Increased usage will be charged accordingly)

2.) All charges for the time out, not time used

3.) Fuel and delivery charges are not included in rates

4.) Severe applications may require rate adjustment

5.) Liability, and physical loss or damage to the equipment is customer’s responsibility

6.) Customer is responsible for checking all fluids and grease daily and returning the equipment cleaned

7.) All excessive tire wear or tire damage will be charged to the customer upon return

8.) Customer is responsible for any repairs resulting from of lack service, abuse, or misuse. Customer is responsible for stopping operation any time machine overheats, loses pressure or loses prime. Failure of any shutdown system does not alleviate customer’s responsibility

9.) Must have a signed rental agreement

10.) Rental payment in advance

11.) Contractors must have certificate of insurance naming Maverick Construction

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